21 October, 2019 21 October, 2019



Hayden Cox 


5’7” – 6’2” 



“Untitled” is a lively board that defines speed, versatility and fun. Having a slightly fuller plan shape, this winged swallow tail shortboard has a deep single concave to vee that gets you up to top-speed in the mushiest of conditions. Leaning on that higher tail rocker throughout your turns, on Untitled, you turn with confidence in a very reactive and tight arc. It is a board that can ride a flatter less powerful wave with plenty of paddle, speed and performance, although it will still have plenty of controlled response in a more curved section of a wave. 

EMAIL: jarrod@oceanandtrails.com TEL: (+27) 21 556 8172
WEB: www.oceanandtrails.com 

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