6 May, 2011 6 May, 2011

Gotcha Surfboards

Peter Lawson

6’2″ x 20 1/8″ x 2 1/2″

UFO Model
Following the success of the Peter Lawson Weaver, the Surf HQ introduces the UFO for the surfer who gets into the water more regularly. This higher performance version of the “Weekend Warrior” offers the same performance tweak with the extra volume,  width further upfront, a stable midsection and a pulled in tail. This gives you a board that is easy to paddle into the wave and the performance of a regular shortboard. The extra floatation on the UFO will get you through those small wave days and still offer you as much super maneuverability and speed on bigger days. Now at The Surf HQ for R2799 including fins, spray and free delivery to anywhere in RSA.

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  1. Ian Clarke
    24 August, 2011 at 12:00 pm · Reply

    Hi, I am an Australian tourist and have travelled RSA’s and Moza’s great coast line surfing and all the normal touristy type stuff. Unsatisfied with the standard short board I was currently riding I dropped into The Surf HQ when I was passing through Durban. Charl, Archie and the boys were a great help making sure that they understood my level of surfing and recommending the correct board for me. In the end they suggested that the 6’2″ / 6’4″ UFO would be best. Peter Lawson, being just around the corner, came down and we finally all agreed that the 6’2″ would do the trick. I got a customised board that Peter turned around quickly and it looks great with my own selected artwork. The end result is a great looking board that surfs well, is easy to paddle and promises all that is described in the UFO model description. Cheers and thanks again fellas!!!!

    2 March, 2012 at 9:30 pm · Reply

    My name is Roellof, living in Hillcrest and my wife bought me a surfboard for my 31st(next Friday) with a huge ford blue oval logo on top. Reason behind the purchase was not because Im a surfer,but rather a diehard ford true and blue fan and the fact that this huge emblem was so visible to the eye, my wife thought it good to get it as a surprise gift. Dirty and damaged(one tailpiece broken) I cleaned it up and polished only to find it to be a board “Shaped by Peter Lawson”.
    Is the board worth anything, perhaps worth to “restore”?
    Is there any information available regarding this specific board/who put the large Ford logo on it?
    Who is PL and what is his claim to fame?
    Any information would be interesting.

    Hope to hear from somebody

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