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Fishstix Surfboards


Simon Fish

5’4” to 6’10”. Order 4-6 inches shorter and 1 inch wider. Low rocker, slight vee in the nose, to single concave through the middle, to vee out the tail. Rounded-pin or swallow tail.

The Bubble
The Bubble is a fast, fun and versatile board. Volume in the nose and chest area for easy paddling. It’s 4-6 inches shorter than your regular shortboard. A low rocker which makes it smooth and easy to control. Loves to surf fast and on rail. The tail pulls in at the fins, allows the board to hold tight in the barrel. It’s the ideal board from small average conditions to clean down the line waves.
Skill level: Intermediate to Pro

Showroom 3, 6th Avenue Business Park, St Francis Bay
Cell: (+27) 83 55 77794
E-mail: simon@fishstixsurfboards.co.za

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