22 January, 2014 22 January, 2014



5’6” to to 6’6”, full curvy outline, single concave, medium rails. Squash, swallow or round tail. Available with FCS or Future’s.

Surf Punk 2014
The Surf Punk is the flagship surfboard in the Fishstix range. This perfomance model features a continuous bottom curve with a single concave, which means this surfboard has no limit to the amount of speed it can generate. If you’re looking to surf hard and push your surfing in a variety of conditions, then this is the board for you.

For skill levels from intermediate to pro.

Showroom 3, 6th Avenue Business Park, St Francis Bay
Cell: (+27) 83 55 77794
E-mail: simon@fishstixsurfboards.co.za

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