10 January, 2013 10 January, 2013

Firewire Surfboards


Nev Hyman

5’11” x 20 1/8” x 2 7/16”
(Available in 5’5” – 7’1”)
Fins Futures, FCS (5 Fin set-up)

The Activator
Best described as the Dominator 2.0, built on the same platform but with a double-wing swallow tail configuration. This tail design takes some of the bulk out of the DM’s fat thumb tail allowing the board to turn even sharper, and includes the pivot-point of the swallow tail design which many surfers enjoy. For those looking for slightly enhanced performance over the DM, but with all of the wave catching ability of the original design. The Activator will add some explosive performance to your pocket surfing while still sailing over the flat spots.

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