10 June, 2014 10 June, 2014



Anton Butler

7’2” x 20” x 23/4” pintail

The Gunslinger
This is an old school gun with a single fin box. The board has been hand shaped by Anton Butler and is glassed with yellow resin tints and has a polished finish. The board is great for tube riding and down the line speed and is a great board if you are looking for something different in hollow, fast waves. This shape was made famous at Pipe line by Gerry Lopez. Ferral surfboards are hand crafted custom surfboards built from start to finish by Anton Butler who has 25 years shaping experience.
If you are looking for quality, guaranteed performance or old school surfboards, look no further.

Enquiries / Contact details :
Anton Butler: cell (+27) 721277728
Land line: (+27) 214371591
Email: anton@lazyb.co.za

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