6 May, 2011 6 May, 2011


Pierre de Villiers

5’6″ x 18 1/2″ x 2″

This board is shaped from polystyrene  it has a bamboo stringer and is glassed with epoxy resin and 2 layers of 4 ounce glass either side so its light and very strong and  still has nice flex. It rides well with 3 or 4 fins the rider is 22 years old weighs 58kg and loves to get as deep as possible and once out on the face is keen to boost. He is light and quick and the board goes where it needs to with hard learned features making it easy on the takeoff and forgiving in the barrel and others providing instant acceleration and turnability.See www.dreamshop.co.za for more.

PO box 43984 Scarborough 7975
Tel: (+27) 21 780 1648
Cell: (+27) 84 792 7040
Email: pierre@dreamshop.co.za

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