10 March, 2014 10 March, 2014



Pierre de Villiers

10’ x 20’ x 3  1/4”

Queen of the Kelp
Paddles like a surf ski. Rides tiny waves or as big as you want with ease. What a fun, great value for energy board. I like this shape a lot as one shape fits all. It can charge on proper waves and act like a longboard or mini mal when the surf is tired and so are you. I have shaped them from tiny tot 5 footers to this 10 footer, and if they are glassed properly make a very reliable travelling board. Chances are good you will be the last surfer standing. They make great single fins and work equally well but quite differently as multi-fin boards. I have many smiling customers on this style.

Tel: (+27) 21 780 1648
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Web: www.dreamshop.co.za
E-mail: pierre@dreamshop.co.za

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