23 January, 2014 23 January, 2014



Pierre de Villiers

6’6″ x 21″ x 3 1/2″

The Flying Fish
This board speaks for itself, but my kelpmaster fins need an introduction. If you’re an average kelp crawler who hates falling on your face every time you whack that weed, I have the solution to your problem. My kelpmaster fins change the game entirely. You will slide over the kelp with barely a bump and be able to ride your favorite spots on a way lower tide than normal. Surprisingly obvious, you will wonder why you never had them before.The multi-
fins are either Futures or FCS and the singles fit any box. Call or e-mail me for more info. And don’t delay on ordering that board, 2014 is getting filled up fast.

Tel: (+27) 21 780 1648
(+27) 84 792 7040
Web: www.dreamshop.co.za
E-mail: pierre@dreamshop.co.za

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