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Clayton Surfboards

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Clayton Nienaber

6’2” x 20” x 2 3/8” 31.8L

Thruster, Quad or 5-fin

This is a forgiving board, with a full plan shape for stability and easy paddling. The single into double concave and its modern medium to full rails allow this model to perform like a modern shortboard. The medium entry rocker makes it suitable for most surf conditions. Ride it slightly longer than your normal length. Ridden by beginners to advanced surfers. The model can be upsized for bigger surf and comes with a 5-fin setup as standard.

Tel: (+27) 31 368 4825
Fax: (+27) 86 609 1863
E-mail: cindy@claytonsurf.co.za
E-mail: doug@claytonsurf.co.za
Skype: Clayton.Surfboards.sa
Facebook: Clayton Surfboards
44 Milne street, Durban Central, 4001

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  1. Landi
    12 September, 2017 at 9:08 am · Reply

    Hey there, I need some advice please?!
    I am landlocked in Gauteng so was thinking of buying a board which I can use to practice paddling on (tying it to the pool edge) and hopefully advance in order to use it later on. I was thinking of a 6’5” as then it will be accepted by airplanes (important aspect as that is mostly how I get to the ocean). Problem is that my experience level suggest a board with a volume of 50 -55L and the 6’5” is at about 35 – 36L. Should I go for it?
    I am considering a Clayton ‘Swivel’
    My experience level: Starting to paddle out to the line-up and trying to catch green waves (basically 5 weeks).
    Weight: 66kg
    Height: 176cm
    Objective: To have fun
    How often do I surf: Not enough (2 to 3 weeks a year)
    Board used: NSP 7’6″ – 7’8″

    Any advice will be apprecieted.
    Kind Regards

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