20 June, 2018 20 June, 2018

Sticky Bumps

With the shortboard revolution of the 80’s and 90’s came the need for a wax revolution. Surfers were moving faster, making more radical manoeuvers, and needed a high performance wax. Wax Research
founder (and surf wax maker since 1971) John Dahl went to his lab and created (or perfected as some would say) Sticky Bumps surf wax. The rest is history. Sticky Bumps was and is trusted by legends and
young guns alike – from the Irons brothers, Coco Nogales and Keala Kennelly to Carissa Moore, Zeke Lau, Tatiana Weston-Webb and Bethany Hamilton. Every bar of Sticky Bumps wax is hand made in our factory in Vista, California.

EMAIL: Riette@countryfeeling.co.za
TEL: (+27) 42 293 3438 – Country Feeling

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