26 November, 2019 26 November, 2019

Ocean Vinyl Surf Wax


Ocean Vinyl Surf Wax was born out of the need to brew our own locally made EXTRA STICKY surf wax for our local surfing community. By infusing our special blend of natural mineral waxes with extracts from the Aloe Vera plant, known for its great skin benefits, we have created an insanely sticky wax which will deliver ultimate performance when you really need it.

Our temperature-sensitive formula easily connects to the surface of your board and once you enter the water the wax cools down to create a longer lasting traction surface for optimum grip. By using this unique formula we have minimised the wax from degrading off your board and into our oceans, making our carbon footprint smaller on our delicate environment. #Keepitonyourboardnotouroceans


WEB: info.oceanvinyl@gmail.com

TEL: (+27) 81 430 2402

FB: Ocean Vinyl Surf Wax

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