26 November, 2019 26 November, 2019


Say ‘goodbye’ to hiding your car key, to uncomfortable leaky pouches and key safes that invalidate your car insurance. The only way to protect your electronic or smart vehicle key (and your ride home) is to take your key with you. KEEBUNGA is a waterproof hard shell protective case that was created by surfers designed to protect single electronic vehicle keys for all outdoor and water sport enthusiasts.

• Ergonomically designed – smooth, compact and discreet
• Waterproof – design tested to 30m
• Shock proof polycarbonate enclosure

• Steel anchor point and closure clips

• Quick and easy to use
• RRP R499.00


EMAIL: michelle@africansol.com WEB: www.keebunga.com
FB: Keebunga
INSTAGRAM: @Keebunga

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