[watch] Locked In KZN

[watch] Locked In KZN

Where, when, who... We'd prefer not to say but on this day SA got lit up! What we can say ...
[Watch] One 4 the Groms - #thelockdown

[Watch] One 4 the Groms – #thelockdown

Three of South Africa's most successful young surfers drop in on this episode. Between the three, they have a pile ...
[Watch] ZagTV Throwback

[Watch] ZagTV Throwback

Behold a plethora of surfing entertainment from days gone by. Including highlights from an epic day of surfing at the ...
Frank, Bromdog & Rupp - #thelockdown

Frank, Bromdog & Rupp – #thelockdown

And it's time to go big this week, literally, with three Big Wave Legends. From South Africa it's Frank Solomon ...
Oz Get's Love on the Gold Coast

Oz Get’s Love on the Gold Coast

Wade Carmichael, Liam O'Brian, Tom Whitaker, Mick Fanning, Soli Bailey, Chris Zaffis, Mitch James and a whole heap of others ...
[WATCH] Mfeb, Shane & Beyrick - #thelockdown

[WATCH] Mfeb, Shane & Beyrick – #thelockdown

With these three old mates, you know there were some serious laughs spliced between some serious issues. The Lockdown, our ...
[WATCH] Strandfontetin  - Fountain By The Sea

[WATCH] Strandfontetin – Fountain By The Sea

South African surfers have been portrayed in a one-dimensional light during the COVID-19 pandemic. The reality is far more inspiring ...
[WATCH] PC, Greg Emslie on #thelockdown

[WATCH] PC, Greg Emslie on #thelockdown

Join IN as 3 legends of South African surfing talk about lockdown, the 90's heyday of SA surfing, the hunger ...
[WATCH] Luke Slijpen - 'Delayed'

[WATCH] Luke Slijpen – ‘Delayed’

I named the edit DELAYED because basically this year in general has been delayed. My surfing has been delayed not ...
[WATCH] Chad du Toit - Not Laguna Beach

[WATCH] Chad du Toit – Not Laguna Beach

South Africa's scenic South Coast plays host to surfer, Chad Du Toit. Tune in on a collection of winter waves ...
SSA, Robin de Kok and WSL, Colin Fitch #Thelockdown

SSA, Robin de Kok and WSL, Colin Fitch #Thelockdown

The head of Surfing South Africa, Robin de Kok and of WSL Africa, Colin Fitch, discuss the current state of ...
Zagland Volume 2

Zagland Volume 2

In Y2K, Zigzag went berk and commissioned Amaza Surf Images to produce a magazine style surf video, for VHS and ...
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