• Mlou Newdigate

    absolutely beautiful, the sharks too- thanks

  • Loop

    Yup great photos. Nice one fellas.

  • Cool

    Super perspectives -would not be too blase about the “small” great whites though…..as pretty as they may look.
    Makes you want to look into owning one of these flying machines …….and give it a whirl yourself.

  • Kevin


  • RWH84

    dude your work is awesome! shot!

  • Piet Otz

    Thank you for these. As a surfer it’s always a stark reminder that we need to share our space. That’s one of the best things about paddling out in False Bay- you’re submitting to nature, agreeing to play by natural rules, and accepting the consequences. If you want to play by man’s rules, go paddle at St James or Dalebrooke, or better still, outside the Brass Bell! Long may SA be known for its tolerance and diversity, both on land and in the water.