Centre Stage

by zigzag / posted on 4 days ago

Plastered on the walls of stoked groms and ballies alike since the first publication of Zag back in ’76, the coveted centre-spread has become an institution. This week we throw you back to the eighties, to six of these frozen moments taken by six talented lensmen. (click images to view larger) Greg Hastie explodes on […]


The Waiting Room – by Stephen Symons

by zigzag / posted on 4 days ago

‘The Waiting Room’ is Stephen Symon’s hamper-winning entry into Write to Surf, which scored him over R6000 worth of gear from Billabong and appeared in Zigzag 39.2. The overall winner of Write To Surf will be announced in the next issue (more details below). *** THE WAITING ROOM – by: Stephen Symons The ocean wanted […]


Surf Ninja – Phil Nel

by zigzag / posted on 6 days ago

With a smile and a wave this underground wave assassin goes about his day. But don’t let his gentle nature on land fool you, because when the surf is heaving he gets tough and paddles out. Meet our next Surf Ninja, Phil Nel… NAME: Phil Nel AGE: 33 LOCAL SPOT: Kogel Bay, Caves BEST THING […]


Zigzag 39.3

by zigzag / posted on 22 March, 2015

During his first session at Maui’s notorious Jaws, Josh Redman slotted right in and scored some incredible tubes. The Vanilla Gorilla also claimed his first Zag cover for good measure, with one of his hefty pits photographed by Zak Noyle featuring on Page 1 of Zigzag 39.3: As well as a giant double-sided poster included […]


Hawaii Survival Guide

by admin / posted on 12 March, 2015

Zag (Vol. 39.3) is hot off the press and, as well as learning how to eat for free on your next surf mission, there’s also a crazy Hawaiin feature on the current crew of Saffa chargers who took on the North Shore for the 2014/15 season. So this week we throw you back to Vol. 15.2, […]


Surf Ninja – Jacob Stokes Mellish

by zigzag / posted on 10 March, 2015

Hailing from the Western Cape it’s Jacob Cameron Stokes Mellish. When he’s not out hunting down the perfect wave, he’s out earning some dollar on the yachts for the next adventure. He won last year’s Movember Off The Lip contest held at Llandudno and he’s this week’s Surf Ninja! Check out more at his Blogspot. NAME: Jacob […]


Dungeons Called Off

by zigzag / posted on 9 March, 2015

The Dungeons WSL Big Wave event has been called off after the event was unanimously voted against by The Cape Big Wave Trust (CBWT). Social media was revved into full gear with comments and opinions by the broader South African surf community. But what is The Cape Big Wave Trust, who does it represent, and […]


Tom Carroll’s Maiden ASP Title

by zigzag / posted on 5 March, 2015

Change was in the air for professional surfing in the early 80’s. With the fall of the IPS (International Professional Surfers) organization in 1982, Tom Carroll became the ASP’s first world champion after winning six of the thirteen events the following season. This week we throw you back to Vol. 8.4 – to an interview […]


The Africa Project

by zigzag / posted on 26 February, 2015

During 2010 and 2011, Zigzag and cinematographer, Jason Hearn, explored the African coast for a series of articles and ‘The Africa Project’ surf film. For our throwback this Thursday, let’s take a look at some of the scenes captured by Zag staff photographer, Greg Ewing, during production.


Surfing As Life – by Chris Salmon

by zigzag / posted on 25 February, 2015

Once we’re hooked, surfing becomes more than just a sport; it becomes part of who we are. ‘Surfing As Life’ is Chris Salmon’s entry into Write to Surf – our surf journo competition with some epic prizes by Billabong up for grabs (see below for details). *** SURFING AS LIFE – by: Chris Salmon I […]