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Surf Ninja – Jean du Plessis

by admin / posted on 10 hours ago

Yellow Sands is where this Slummies ripper calls ‘home’, and it’s there among its fun peaks and sharks that he learned his wave slaying skills. His tertiary education is keeping him busy these days, but that hasn’t slowed his progress as he shreds harder, faster and with more style each session. Meet this week’s Surf […]


Following the Sun – by Charl van Rensburg

by zigzag / posted on 11 hours ago

Three decades later, Charl van Rensburg recounts how a movie screening in ’84 was in some way a metaphor for how life would unfold. ‘Following The Sun’ is his entry into ‘Write to Surf‘ – our surf journo competition with some epic prizes up for grabs (see below for details). *** FOLLOWING THE SUN – […]


The Big Picture

by zigzag / posted on 1 day ago

Surfing has been around forever. Okay, not that long but since before surf magazines at least, and it’ll likely be around long after the last mag is printed. But along with the stoke and interest that pictures and articles provide, a magazine – especially one that’s spanned over four decades – can also act as […]


Headspace – by Gareth Billimore

by zigzag / posted on 3 days ago

A quick getaway in a van sets the scene for ‘Headspace’, which is Gareth Billimore’s entry into Write to Surf. It’s also the winner of the fourth hamper sponsored by Billabong (see below for details). Winning entries are usually published in the magazine, but due to space constraints in the latest issue it now lives […]


Undercover (Moments of Stoke)

by zigzag / posted on 23 October, 2014

With a nod to the latest issue featuring an amazing underwater perspective on the cover, we’re throwing you back to ’93 this week – which is the last and only other time a real fisheye-view landed on the coveted Page 1 of Zigzag. The image was taken by Lance Slabbert at the Valley of the […]


Help Get Mike To Mavericks

by zigzag / posted on 22 October, 2014

Mike Schlebach is well known for his commitment to surfing waves of serious consequence. Whether charging Sunset or Dungeons, a stones throw away from his home in Kommetjie, or heavy waves like Bayview or Buffels he has become a respected member of the South African big wave community. So much so that Mike was the […]


Zag Issue 38.8

by zigzag / posted on 22 October, 2014

We’re taking you on a voyage of discovery in Zigzag issue 38.8, as we go island hopping to cooking waves old and new. We chat to some career castaways, take a look at what happens when a world class wave gets sold to the highest bidder, and of course we’ve loaded it with some of […]


Know Your Fins

by zigzag / posted on 16 October, 2014

Nope, not the ones on your board, the ones that you suddenly see out the corner of your eye, and go “Oh shit! What’s that!?” Here’s a quick guide by millerslocal.co.za to some of the pointy things you could encounter whilst having a surf. So now you’ll be able to identify the ones you can […]


Surf Ninja – Josh Brodie

by zigzag / posted on 16 October, 2014

Waves are without a doubt the most fascinating shape/form that the earth has to offer a surfer. When the elements align, a point break’s mechanical perfection will capture our complete, awe-inspired attention. Well, this wave assassin has taken his love for the shape of things and incorporated it into his everyday life, studying architecture – […]


When Middle Aged People Start Surfing – by Joseph Krone

by zigzag / posted on 16 October, 2014

The subject of respect in the lineup is what Joseph Krone tackles in this opinion piece, which is his entry into ‘Write to Surf‘ – our surf journo competition with some epic prizes up for grabs (see below for details). *** WHEN MIDDLE AGED PEOPLE START SURFING – by Joseph Krone Respect is there to […]